Online Survey Jobs for free

11: Valued Opinions India

This survey site is recommended for Indian peoples who want to make some money via online survey work. You can redeem your earned amount once you make 400inr after you can redeem money. Also, you can use our reward as a Ticket Compliments Gift Voucher Flipkart e-gift Voucher, and this site has been since 2007 in the market.

12: The Panel Station

THEPANELSTATION has been available since 2008 and offering survey work also there is a lot of redeeming option available on this site like Flipkart Zipcash Donation and charity (CRY- ShopClues- GiftXoXo- Shopper Stop- Gabon- Amazon Freecharge- Block Buster DVD’s and many more you can check more details regarding this check official site for more information

13: Your Say

YOURSAY is one of the trusted and legitimate surveys providing site since 1997 so anyone can believe on this site because this one is an older survey site and you will get survey invitation via email, and you can withdraw money via PayPal also.

Top Genuine Online And Legitimate & Most Trusted paid online survey work and survey sites in USA, UK, CANADA

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14. Harris Polls

Harris poll is a survey site in which all countries are not allowed to work over this. Some selected countries such as U.K, U.S, Greece, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherland, and Finland are sanctioned to work over this survey site.

Fill the online form with required information and mentioning your e-mail address, thereafter you are ready to go on for this site. Your age should be more than 15 to participate.

By each survey, you can earn minimum up to 70-150 points. Collect these points till you reach 1250 that might worth as $10 and you can get e-gifts vouchers from e-bay, Amazon, Starbucks, ESPN.

If you strive to complete the survey, but suppose you are disqualified due to some mistakes or problem; you can get 15 points for disqualification and even you can be qualified for some other available surveys. It sounds good that you can get points for disqualification even in surveys.

You cannot get bored in taking surveys because it takes only 5 minutes for one short survey and maximum 25 minutes over the long survey. This is the minimum and maximum survey length time which will keep your full attention on one survey.

Sweepstakes is an offer which is given by Harris poll survey site to the person who had qualified or not for the survey over a quarterly ratio. The sweepstake offers $10,000 to the lucky winners which are mentioned up to date.

No app is available on mobile of Harris poll survey, they only mail on your e-mail id. The Harris poll online survey is a straightforward site which emails 3-5 surveys per month and that surveys are unavailable on dashboards.

Whether you are not qualified much, you can participate in Harris poll site because they do pay on disqualification too and you can earn a good income through this survey site. The payment is not in a cash salary instead you can get rewards.

15. ZoomPanel

The survey site which was operated by Survey Monkey but now took over by Critical Mix deals in providing the survey to the participants who have applied for survey jobs.

The site rewards you points instead of cash that can be on amazon, Mc Donald, KFC, General Mills and so like. You have to collect and gather the points for each survey. Make a collection of 1000 points and you can recoup the points for gift cards.

Initially, you can earn 50 points just for joining the site and further after joining you may earn 50-150 points over each survey depending upon the length of survey i.e. whether it is a long or short survey.

Even if you are disqualified you can earn points for it, so continue your survey and you can earn up to 5 points for your trial. For winning actual cash, they provide sweepstakes offer to the members.

If you are inactive for almost 3 months continuously, you can lose all your points that were collected and the accounts get shut down.

16. ipoll

iPoll is the survey site that pays $5 for signing up, which is a good start up for earning. The site is operated by uSamp or United Sample Inc. and having B+ grade in Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Earn by taking surveys of grocery shopping, shop at the store, watch the movie and buy coffee so on by various ways. It is easy to deal with this site because a mobile app is available.

So the app is said as mobile friendly which you can operate and go on anywhere. On qualifying over a survey, you can earn up to $30.

By installing this app you can get all the detailed information of the survey on which you are going to work for. The time duration is also mentioned in the survey so you can take a time for working on it.

Installing an app in mobile gives a large benefit; they notifies you the location if you are in nearby areas, the notification is provided for new survey work along with payment you can receive. This sounds very interesting to work for the survey through which you can earn easily.

17. CVS Advisor

It is all about the survey that is to be taken from CVS customers or from any pharmacy stores. There are some volunteered customers ready to opt it and gives their feedback by surveys.

The surveys are taken for helping and to satisfy customers on the higher level.

You have to register easily by filling a form and start the work which will take only 10-15 minutes. Get a CVS card before you start the survey from any pharmacy store. Get the extra bucks’ card on each survey and use it in any store. Each survey will pay you about $5-15.

18: Cashcrates.

Cashcrates pays you for the surveys you take from shops, offers or to watch the videos on their websites. Most probably you can earn by taking surveys, accomplish the offers, and refer the peoples on their websites.

Other surveys that belong to work over researching, refer and go through the commercial e-mails, shopping on the particular website, refer to your friends and families, interact with all more and more.

On completing the survey and when it is been verified you will be paid into your account. When you are done up to $20 earning, you will get your cheques, which is a good method of paying soon of your work.


Get started by registering the form and submitting the email details to the site and just go on for the work. The registration is free. During the registration process, they ask for your household details do that you can get surveys accordingly if possible.

Recoup the rewards for completing the surveys. Earning points are based on market ratio so that you can further move to redeem your rewards.

Suppose if you are from the USA, the catalogue will be based according to the market which includes Amazon, Macy’s, UNICEF charity donation. This all is based on the country where you live.


Gain the money by taking surveys for work which you can tackle easily that is based on to view advertises viewing and reading emails, or clicking the link.

The more options you can grab are playing games, trying some services and new products, search on the internet, referring peoples. It is so simple to work over this, and you are getting paid for it.

Just to sign up on sites and interchanging the visitors or customers on the websites, you can gain profit. The different options have different paying rates. Initially, it is not so easy as you can read this.

You can earn up to maximum $55-60 per month. You can be eligible to become a gold membership when you receive your first payment.


Online Survey Jobs Without Any Investment From Home

Here in this column, you will get the list of Genuine online paid survey sites where you can find survey work and also paid online survey website list, which is updated and most trusted survey site lists. Check best and high paying online legit survey site list 2016.
Get paid to take surveys online surveys for money make money online surveys
Genuine online paid survey sites list If you are looking for online jobs without any investment through genuine and Trusted Paid Online Survey Site List 2016 then check the detailed information given here. Analyze this post which offers you online opinion work without investment through survey site.


Are you surfing for Best Paying Online Survey sites? Here I have tried to provide all the detailed information for best paying online survey sites.

Paid online survey sites and also online survey jobs in India without investment or online survey sites which pay really and well, then I have collected top paid online survey sites for money.

If you are screwed by a question that; Which is best-paying survey sites in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and France? And worldwide anyone can join this online paid survey work? Then here in this data, you will find all the answers for your each query.

This article explains all paid online survey sites by which you can earn money online just for giving an opinion. This is joyful work for people who are interested in making money online via genuinely trusted survey site.

Best Paying Online Survey sites
Then this article is for you because here I have listed all trusted and genuine survey sites from all around the world, even tested survey site list and updated in 2015.

In the modern era of internet, peoples are more interested in making money from online jobs without investment and also interested in making some cash via part time jobs from home to make extra cash.

Here in this post, you can see some trusted online paid survey sites where you can get paid by completing survey tasks just giving your opinion .

There are lots of survey sites worldwide. However, some sites allowed to sign up the user for limited location or countries and also here is the list of survey sites which is available to register for everyone.
Online survey jobs without any investment
Online survey jobs without any investment in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad and much more.

Paid survey sites is a great program to earn money at home and doing work in part time. Here we have listed 11 paid survey online sites get registered in all sites and sign up here.
Top 30 Paid Survey Sites List that actually pays

1: Clixsense > Recommended

A company established in 2007 is a popular site for Pay To Click and also for various surveys and other online tasks.

Clixsense provides varied areas for earning such as Playing Clixgrid, Micro Tasks, Online Shopping, Visiting Websites, Contests, and Affiliate Programs.

The website publisher and consumer both are benefited for earning extra money online. Website publisher earns by putting their products in low rates for the wide range of consumers. The consumers are paid for taking surveys, viewing videos, and visiting websites.

The payment ratio depends on the surveys which you are going to take. They will offer you 60 cents to $5 depending on the minutes you worked for.
For viewing ads, you will be paid 0.15 cents.
Chance to win $10 through Clixgrid.
3 cents for radio offer.
Get $2 for referral programs.

2: Swagbucks

According to Wikipedia “ is an El Segundo, California-based online rewards destination by Prodege LLC. It enables users to earn points by performing a variety of online activities.”

Swagbucks provides great offers to make money online from home there are various kinds of task available on the internet which will give you the best way, and you can use your skills, there effectively to earn money via freelancing the internet survey work or get paid to click on ads.

Swagbucks is a California-based survey sites company that is initiated by El, Segundo.

Accomplish the task like shopping, printing coupons, playing games, watching videos, web surfing and searching. Start up by log in procedure, become a member and thereafter you will find the options like the watch, play, search, shop, answer, play and discover.

Use Swagbucks as a search engine instead of the routine one.
Get cash back after shopping online through amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
Earn credits by watching videos and news or entertaining videos.
Provide answers to the questions that are available on Swagbucks survey sites.
Earn 10% commission by referring to friends and families.

You have the options to redeem your Swagbucks points into gift cards or cash and 1SB are equal to 1cent. US bucks payments are received in 10-15 days. Attributes are $50, $100 and $250.

Ask for the rewards from retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and much more. Ecard will be awarded to you within 10 days.

3: Survey Savvy

This site offers a survey work since 1999, and it is genuine because the bogus survey site cannot exist for a long time on the market and anyone from globe can register here to participate online survey work and minimum amount 1USD for the payout you can request payment once you crossed more than 1 dollar.

Payment method is available only via check, PayPal and wire transfer available not still checking out the official site for more details.

4: iPanelOnline

This site also offers online survey jobs since 2003, and you can sign up without any investment, and you will receive a survey in the email invitation, and you can request payment via PayPal within two weeks after finishing survey work by you.

5: Star Panel

Star panel was started in 2011 with the market research company Nepa India Pvt. You and Ltd can create an account with this site is recommended for Indians, and you can use reward generated via this survey site as a Movie voucher Flipkart voucher and also in Charity

6: SurveyHead

This one is also a legitimate survey work providing company since 2007 and we have tested it reviews and payment proof you can go to this site and many positive reviews we found online for this survey site on this site you will get paid within four weeks as per official faq.

7: Toluna

This survey site is also providing online survey work since 1999! And we can say its legitimate survey site on the internet, and it is available for registration worldwide, and you will get your payment within six weeks once you requested and there are several payment methods available you can request payment via PayPal, bank wire transfer also electronic voucher.

8: Permission Research

PermissionResearch is a part of an online market research community with an audience of over 2 million members from worldwide it is offering genuine survey work and reward for finish survey task PermissionResearch is providing survey work since 2004.

And anyone in the world can join this survey program and no country restriction to work with this you have to also install software on your PC, and you will receive a survey in email and also via software popup you can check official site faq here.